Debate – Role-Play – Wind Shipping and more … Meeting 2!

We had a great day of learning in our Meeting 2, Greening Maritime Transport Class this past Thursday!

The day started off with SMTF coordinator and Generation BALT alumna Eva Errestad, who gave us an in-dept look at the work of the Swedish Maritime Technology Forum. The SMTF bridges the gap between policymakers, academia and the maritime industry. it helps to develop different industries and works together, with sustainability at the forefront.

Later, we heard from visiting guest Gavin Allwright, Secretary of the IWSA, International Windship Association, and learned about the powers and plights of the current windship and sustainable transport industry – so inspiring.

After lunch, we held a lively debate! Each person in the class was a assigned to role play a different stakeholder in the sustainable transport debate: port authorities, shipowners, consumers, policy makers, innovators, and energy. It’s difficult to say who won, as each person put in a very solid argument for their side, and we certainly did learn what it means to work towards sustainable short-sea shipping!

Finally, we heard a live, online lecture from Dr. Kayvan Pazouki, on his work in a study comparing Environmental Shipping Index versus Clean Shipping Index. Despite some rocky setbacks with technology, it was an interesting perspective.

All in all, it was a great day of lectures, learning, and class discussion!


Photo courtesy of Tiphaine Moisan 


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