Wärtsilä accused of engine fraud

– Anne Bengtsson

The Finnish engineering group Wärtsilä admits fraud involving their engines. The company admitted that testing done at their site in Italy has been manipulated in regard to fuel consumption. According to the company, this fraud involves approximately a couple hundred engines over several years at the Wärtsilä center in Trieste, Italy. This means approximately 2 percent of the total delivery of engines. At this time, no other deviations have been discovered regarding the other activities in the company.

WCT 2016-Week 2_Anne Bengtsson.png

The fraudulent actions taking place involved shortcuts in the testing process leading to false results in fuel consumption. Thereby when running the engines in real life the costumers experienced higher consumption than being purposed when buying. It was revealed during an internal audit which was made in order to ensure that the rules were followed and at operational excellence.

When the incident was brought into daylight, Wärtsilä stock dropped 1.4 percent on the Finnish stock market. However CEO Jaakko Escola says he believes that the financial setback will not be of great concern for the company. He also says that these persons have been acting against the work instructions given by the company by affecting the results and thereby been breaking operating principles.

When reading about this the immediate thoughts were if this is exclusive for Wärtsilä or might take place in other companies as well. Anyhow this can be seen as a setback when it comes to the development towards a more sustainable shipping industry.


Wärtsilä hit by engine-fraud scandal – 07.03.16



Motorfusk hos Wärtsilä – 2016-03-07



Finsk koncern erkänner fusk med båtmotorer – 2016-03-08




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