Launching of data project in order to cut CO2 emissions

– by Anne Bengtsson 

A new data project will be launched by the Dutch company We4Sea, in order to help ship owners to increase fuel efficiency and thereby reduce CO2 emissions. The company will measure, control and improve the fuel efficiency of the ships by using their performance monitor which will track the fleet 24/7. The main goals in this endeavour are monitoring and measuring which are the most important gauging components in order to improve. The information will be put on a web-based platform where insights will be offered based on big data analysis of the actual operations of the ships. After this is done, badly performing components of the propulsion train can be distinguished and improved. After the measurements and analysis, suitable innovative solutions and new technology will be offered by We4Sea in order to improve the specific ship.

We4Sea puts its effort into efficiency and their ambition is to make a difference in shipping efficiency in order to make shipping cleaner, cheaper and most important of all sustainable.


We will not sit and wait to make a difference. We offer our knowledge and experience to increase sustainability in the maritime world. It is our goal to reduce CO2 emissions with 1 million tons before 2019,” Dan Veen, We4Sea’s CEO, notes


We4Sea points out that the maritime industry needs to step up in order to increase sustainability in the maritime world, especially with the new Paris climate agreement. The company also mention that the shipping industry is lagging behind in reducing CO2 emissions.


By: Anne Bengtsson, 27th of April 2016

Greening Maritime Transport




World maritime news – 27th of April, 2016


We4Sea – 27th of April, 2016


Ship efficiency review – 27th of April, 2016



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