Proposition regarding the tonnage tax taken to the parliament

-Anne Bengtsson

Now the government finally have handed in a proposition regarding a Swedish tonnage tax to the parliament, this after 6 month of work since the budget proposition was made last autumn.

anne bengtsson

The question about tonnage tax has been an important issue for a long time especially for the business. Already last year when the proposition was made a huge step towards a Swedish tonnage tax was taken.

Tonnage tax means that the taxable result of the shipping activity is decided by schematic models using the net tonnage of the ship.

The Swedish Minister of Finance, Magdalena Andersson is looking forward towards a new system regarding the tonnage tax and is hoping that there will be more vessels sailing under Swedish flag. The Minister says she is hoping that the proposition will come into force already the 20th of July this year.



Before the proposition is reality a voting has to take place within the parliament. Before the voting, first an approval has to be given by the European commission since state aid will be given to a specific branch of industry.



Sjöfartstidningen, 1st of June, 2016


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