Our global efforts give effect

-Niklas Blume

As we talk about the negative effects of our actions on the environment, I decided to look for the positives, and yes there are such.

During 2016, several positive effects were noted around the world. On land, the number of giant pandas and tigers in the world has increased during the past decades.
Several species of birds such as the spoon-bill sandpipers (skedsnäppor) have made a comeback. New species are still being discovered, for example, a spider that looks like a magician’s hat (Harry Potter spider) was recently found in India. New regulations are in place; the trade of ivory has or will be banned in USA, China and Hong Kong, and a US court ruled that future climate events give enough ground to protect some marine mammals (grey seal) already today.

Tying back to the state of Skagerrak it is noticeable that around the world, vast areas of ocean have been declared as marine protected areas. In the Atlantic and Pacific over four million square kilometres was protected and around Hawaii it was decided to quadruple the size of a marine sanctuary. The proportion of the world’s oceans that has been included in a marine protected area or reserve since 1900 represent today about 1% of the ocean surface (see graph). There is some more work to do!

Why is all this important in the great scheme of things? It is important because with combined efforts over the globe we can make progress if we want to and not only in one area but several. For yourself as a single individual it becomes important that your effort to keep an eye of what you do can make a difference in the global picture.
It is also important to understand that despite all the bad news about our environment, there are also good news thanks to all our efforts. There are many more examples like this that can make us feel positive and continue to try to make a difference.


Reference: http://www.natursidan.se/tag/positiva-nyheter/ March 2017


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